Monday, July 29, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday!

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Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Dogs. I love dogs. Old dogs, young dogs, purebred dogs, mutts. Dogs sticking their beaks (yes, beaks) out windows joyfully, running, pouncing on toys, sleeping. I LOVE DOGS.

2. A good night's sleep where you don't have to get up for anything in the morning and you can just sleep until your body says "Okay, I'm good."

3. Finding THAT SONG. You know, the song that comes on and you are just like YESSSSSSSSSSSS. It varies from week to week, month to month, and you probably listen to it on repeat and make yourself sick of it after awhile.

4. That feeling you get when your bills are paid and you actually have a bit of money left over and you're like "Hell yeah, let's go do something fun! I HAVE MONEY!"

5. Cheap sparkly nail polish.

6. Clean bedsheets and clean pajamas. Heaven.

7. When people send me links or post links to my Facebook wall because something they saw made them think of me. Usually owls.

8. Getting checked out in a non-creepy manner. Just having a dude look at me and do a doubletake with a smile on his face.

9.  Autumn. Taking a long drive, admiring the leaves, drinking pumpkin beer, and wearing hoodies and Chucks.

10. My parents when they are cute to each other. They've been married for over 50 years and are ridiculously in love. They give each other a hard time, hold hands, sing to each other, dance randomly in the kitchen, and are best friends.


  1. Hiya,

    Just stopping in for FMM. I thought I was being all original with my stuff, only to find we have a couple of the same general things! :) I'm completely with you on the music and fall feelings of happiness. Good luck in your journey!

  2. I love a lot of the same things!

  3. #4 .... I'm not familiar with that feeling. Sounds like fun though. One day! Fingers crossed!

    1. It's been a fleeting feeling for me too, admittedly. Maybe that's why it made me so happy? :)

  4. So many of these are true for me! Especially number 3! I sometimes go through the top singles list on amazon to find music I can work out to. :)

  5. Yay, Pumpkin beer! I'm looking forward to my annual hunt for Shipyard Pumpkinhead this Fall.