Monday, July 22, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday!

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Let’s Talk About TV

1.  Share your current “Must-See” TV shows.

True Blood, Under the Dome, Dance Moms (damn right), Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.

2.  Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms?

Reality shows. I swear to God, if one more person asks me if I like "The Big Bang Theory", I am going to lose it. NO I DO NOT LIKE THE BIG BANG THEORY.

3. Who is your favorite talk show host?

I.... don't watch talk shows. Sorry.

4. Which network(s) do you turn to for news?

Usually CNN or MSNBC. Never, ever Fox News. NEVER.

5. Do you have Tivo or DVR?  If so, which programs do you have set to record?

DVR. And good lord, what DON'T I record. The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Barefoot Contessa, Dance Moms, various tattoo shows, science-y stuff for the boyfriend.... we have a ridiculous amount of stuff set to record.

6. Have you ever started watching a show simply because you heard so much about it on social media?  If so, which one did you watch?

Yep, Game of Thrones! And True Blood. Everyone was talking about them, so I watched a few episodes, became hooked, and promptly signed up for HBO.

7. List any TV series that you own on DVD.

None because INTERNET.

8.  Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, etc?

Nope. If I want something, usually one of my friends has it.

9.  If you could star in a TV show that already exists, which one would you choose?

True Blood!

10.  If you could bring back one TV show that is no longer on the air, which one would you choose?

I honestly can't think of anything, besides maybe The Black Donnellys?

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