Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday randomness

Just a list of stuff that is running through my head.

  • Oh my God, I am terrified of dating again. How the hell do you find a man in his 30s who a) does not already have children (I really don't want to be a stepmom, y'all), b) doesn't live in his mother's basement/has a job/is a productive adult, and c) isn't some kind of freak who wants to like, do really weird gross stuff on me or something?

  • Should I be eating something ("refueling", wtf, it's EATING something) after I finish running? I usually chug some water, come home, throw dinner in the oven, shower, and end up eating like, an hour after I finish. I don't want to drink gross protein shakes or eat protein balls or whatever people who pose with their hand permanently stuck to their hip do, I just want to make sure I am Doing It Right.

    Maybe I'll just drink gasoline.
  • Speaking of running, my Runtastic stuff says that I am burning about 200-225ish calories per mile. Is that accurate? It doesn't seem accurate to me... I mean, I am slow as hell. Anyone out there around 215 pounds who could shed some light on this for me?

    Yes, I know, I am slow as hell. No judging allowed. Right now I am just trying to finish the Zombie runs, not going for super speed.
  • I vacillate between "I FEEL HOT, Y'ALL SHOULD WANT THIS" and self-loathing that makes me wonder if anyone will ever find me attractive again. I KNOW. Ridiculous.
  • Crap, I have so much cleaning in my house to do. Like, SO MUCH. I am considering hiring a maid service or someone who wants to earn some bucks to help me get a handle on it/create a baseline of clean. Has anyone ever done this?


  1. I never eat anything right after working out. People at my gym pound protein shakes and the thought makes me nauseous. Blech.

  2. When I do weight training, usually by the time I shower and stuff, I am STARVING!! Right after, though? Nope. I just chug water and get the gross sweat off of me. Not sure if it's different for runners.

  3. I just found your blog thanks to your comment about the silver sandals on a certain other blog..haha... and I love it so far! Most of the time after/during a run I just have an electrolyte drink, unless it is over an hour or so then I might have some jelly beans or Clif Bloks while I run. And yes on the maid service, I get my place cleaned occasionally when I am busy and having a get together and it is fantastic! Make sure to shop around, they can vary in price quite a bit.

  4. I used to refuel with some chocolate milk after a run, now I do like you and eat dinner not too long after and honestly I haven't noticed a big difference in how I feel or perform.

    I also have someone come in every two weeks to clean (coworker of my mom who's pre-retirement) and it's awesome. I still pick up after myself and do my dishes and stuff, but she does all the deep cleaning stuff like sinks and toilets, and floors once a month. I love that feeling once every two weeks when I walk into my house and sigh with a great feeling of ahhhhhhh.

  5. Hi, there. First time visitor. Found your blog via your comment on kerf. (FYI I liked her sandals! Not so much those Birkenstock suggestions the readers posted. o_O yeeesh!)

    Anywhoo--re: your sometimes I feel hot, sometimes not so much comment. I get it. I've felt it. If you're gonna listen to any of those thoughts, stick to the first one and throw out the second. You never know what a guy will find attractive and judging from your pic--you're cute anyway! Plus all that cliche'd crap about inner beauty--turns out it's actually true. I mean I've only known that you existed for like 5 ten minutes and I wanna read more of your postings 'cuz you're funny. I'm sure on your best days you know you're a boss and what guy wouldn't wanna get to know that person??

    Anyway--forgive my super lame azz encouraging comment of the day. Must be the coffee talking or the fact that it's almost Friday!

    About to read more of your posts.

  6. I too am trying to uuuuuuuuuuuugh internet date. All the men my age (33) seem to be looking for 21-32 year olds. ugh wah vom. also very many fedoras. good luck. h x

  7. I only eat something after a run if I am hungry. I don't think it's a big deal to wait. I did try some Muscle Milk after my workout yesterday because, hey, freebies. Might as well try it?

    As far as burning calories, I never burn that much running. It seems a little high to me but maybe?

    This is Holly, BTW. I don't know why it keeps making my comment from anonymous.