Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Welp, after getting to 234.4 on Saturday morning, I promptly undid my progress by doing the following:

- eating at Ruths Chris and not making healthy choices because, dammit, I had never been to Ruths Chris and I wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS. It was good, but in retrospect, it wasn't THAT good.

- late night coffee from Starbucks after sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours right outside of Philadelphia. I was exhausted and hungry, so I got coffee. Derp?

- Demolishing leftover pizza once I finally got home. Around midnight.

- Using not feeling well on Sunday (probably due to the crap food I ate on Saturday, not to mention the glass of wine I had) as an excuse to consume handfuls of Cheez-Its.

The scale was back up to 238 Monday morning, and after consuming mass quantities of water yesterday, down to 236.6 this morning. I need to get it down to 235.8 to win my DietBet, and I am kicking myself because I was THERE. And I blew it.

At least I looked/felt cute on Saturday?

Fall down, get back up. What does the glorious Jinkx Monsoon say?

Love her.


  1. You'll get back there again! Fluctuation is normal and you're going to have splurge-y weekends sometimes.

  2. I love that polka dot dress!
    Hang in there with your weight loss... I did the exact same thing on my Diet Bet and it was awful. You'll get the next one!