Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hot damn, I did it again.

I made my DietBet! I got that scale back down with a pound to spare!

234.8 this morning. Working my butt off at Zumba Sentao, drinking a ton of water, and skipping dessert last night paid off!

And here's this month's picture:

And here's a comparison:


I am definitely starting to see the difference, especially in my hips/butt (GOOD).

Oh, and the weights are:
January 7th: 260.6
March 2nd: 247
April 1st: 241.2
May 1st: 234.4

Some fun facts:

Total lost/gained (since January 7th): 26.2 pounds
Average loss per week: 1.7 pounds
Amount from goal: 84.4 pounds (gah)
Number of weeks to reach goal at current rate: 49.6
Goal date: July 4, 2014
Number of weeks until goal: 61.1
To meet goal by July 4, 2014, I need to lose: 1.4 pounds per week

Mini-goals I have set for myself:
- 232 pounds by Friday, May 10 (a friend's wedding)
- <230 by May 18th (an event at a friend's house)
- 220 by July 4th


  1. Thats awesome! good for you...keep it up, you can do it. :)

  2. You can definitely see a difference! Congrats!