Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Goal Update

So, I kind of slacked off the past couple weeks. I was still tracking my food, still exercising, just getting lax about it. After pretty much staying the same weight (hopping up and down a pound or two), I told myself to cut the crap and stop BS-ing. Track your food, Liz. Drink your water. Exercise. Quit half-assing it.

I also started taking alpha lipoic acid supplements. It apparently helps with your skin, which I can definitely use because it's just insulting to have grey hair AND zits at the same time, but it has also been rumored to help with weight loss.

So yesterday, with the aid of some of that squeeze-this-shit-in-your-water-to-make-it-taste-like-fruit-punch, I drank twice as much water as normal, started taking my vitamins and supplements again, and lo and behold, the scale was down to 233.6 today.

To quote one of my favorite bloggers-of-the-sea: WHO KNEW???

Also, this motivated the shit out of me yesterday. Give it a listen:

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  1. Keep up the great work, girlfriend. It's a tough commitment, but I promise you that it's the best commitment you'll ever make. You have so much support behind you! Have a great day. :)