Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I Eat... almost every day.

So it's trendy with bloggers to participate in "What I Ate Wednesdays". I love seeing what other people eat, but I don't participate in it because, after the first time I tried to document my daily intake, I realized that my diet looks the same almost every day.

Here's a rundown of my usual daily eats. It should be noted that I am doing Weight Watchers on my own, using an app that calculates and tracks my points for me. I've been to enough meetings and being a lifelong fat girl, I know all the tips and tricks that are often talked about at meetings. Protein rich snacks! Drink lots of water! Substitute this for that! I don't see the value added by paying $20-$40 a month to weigh in at a location and share my tips and tricks. That's what I have the internet for.

In the morning, I take my pills with water: an antidepressant (holla at my fellow people with depression!), alpha-lipoic acid, and a gummy multivitamin.

Once I get to work, I have breakfast:
- a homemade breakfast burrito consisting of a low-carb tortilla, reduced fat cheese, egg substitute, ham, green peppers, onions, and lots of hot sauce.
- coffee with Splenda and sugar-free flavored creamer.

Lifeblood. (that I can't get centered for some reason, wtf)

Lunch is usually either a can of soup or a frozen Healthy Choice meal, a Laughing Cow wedge or a light string cheese, and a cup of nonfat yogurt (Greek or regular). Maybe once a week I will make a killer salad, and if I do, I shift the yogurt to my afternoon snack and nix the cheese because I will almost always put some sort of cheese on my salad.

Except that meal sucked and so now I eat one of three other meals. Yes, I am a creature of habit.

Snack is a banana or pear, sometimes with PB2, but usually not.

Dinner is 6-8 oz. of lean meat, a serving of a starch (potatoes usually because I love them), and a shitload of vegetables, usually a head of broccoli or a bunch of asparagus, but sometimes green beans or zucchini. Once or twice a week I will make a huge salad with protein on it, tons of vegetables, blue or feta cheese, and light dressing.

Looks boring, tastes amazing.

About once a week I will get a Subway footlong for dinner, but I only do that after exercising. My footlong of choice is 9-grain wheat, oven-roasted chicken, provolone cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, spinach, pickles, black olives, green pepper, sweet peppers, and honey mustard sauce. I know that this is 21 PP, but it's SO filling and so tasty, and it's not a daily occurrence, so I go with it.

Me when they don't put enough olives on.

I almost always have some sort of dessert unless I am just too stuffed, usually a preportioned light ice cream dessert, because I suck at moderation.

Throughout the day, I drink at least 2 liters of water, and then water all evening when I'm at home. I have a can of diet soda with lunch.

So that's what I usually eat. On weekends, I rarely track what I'm eating because I normally sleep in late (like almost until lunchtime), so I will dawdle over a cup or two of coffee and then have something really good for dinner... Steak, pizza, sushi. Maybe have some self-serve frozen yogurt if I'm in the mood. I try to keep up with drinking water on weekends, but I am a lot more lax with it then.


  1. I loved your food! It looked good! I am thinking of doing a blog like this also, especially when I don't know what else to write. LOL I was posting pics a lot on my facebook page, but I also tend to eat the same things and kinda rotate them around so I don't get bored. I love the owl mug!! I am obsessed with birds. :)

  2. I love knowing what people are eating, and as an added bonus this post made me laugh out loud. Love this blog.

    1. I am a total food voyeur. I may or may not read people's diaries on MFP and feel the tiniest bit smug. :)