Friday, September 27, 2013

What I've Been Doing

Yes, I know I said I was back. But apparently I am full of it, because I then went over a week and a half without posting.

But I have an excuse! I've been getting a life! Seriously. I am in such a great place right now: great friends, happy with my job, and even dipping my toes into the dating pool, which has been surprisingly way more successful than I ever anticipated (or maybe I don't have very high expectations?).

Right now, unfortunately I have caught the Death Plague Cold (TM). Of course, I am heading to DC tonight to see some of my fabulous friends that I haven't seen since January, so this will be wonderful. I can't wait.

Other things I've been doing...

Getting Thai food with the fabulous Heidi.

Drinking tea and hanging with my best girl on a sick day from work (while looking at The Daily Corgi, because corgis = awesome)

Trying to sell crap like this on Craigslist (can't imagine why no one wants it...)

Hitting up the Greek food festival with friends Joe, Anthony, and Heidi.

Taking Bella for frozen yogurt.

Trying to figure out what the hell to do with eight pattypan squash.

Going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

Taking pictures of bacon

Working at my brother's restaurant

Eating pumpkin funnel cake

Taking pictures of the last place I ran. I've really been slacking on that, and um, my first 5K is in oh, a week? Crap. Anyone have any good tips on how to be prepared to run a 5K when I haven't run in two weeks and am getting over a cold?


  1. This is your first 5K, correct? I know for my first 5K my goal was something like "don't chicken out," because I was so terrified. Of what, I'm not really sure, but I was a nervous wreck and almost didn't sign up and could hardly sleep. I think I only told like 2 people I was doing it in case I didn't go! Especially considering that you have been sick and therefore your exercise has been on the backburner, I would suggest a goal of something like "show up and actually do it." Don't set such high expectations that you end up letting yourself down!

    Now, a few race day tips:
    * Show up early
    * Try to stop at like McDonald's or a gas station or something to use the bathroom first so that you have a lower probability of using nasty porta-potty
    * Nothing new on race day! Don't chug extra water or wear a brand new shirt or eat something weird.
    * Let yourself "rest" the day before. I usually make sure to take a walk or bike or something to keep my legs from getting stiff but no "hard" workouts.
    * Especially because you've been sick, don't be afraid to walk. This is a 5K, so lots of people walk the entire thing!
    * Have fun!

  2. UGH, everyone is sick these days! Feel better soon! I need that pumpkin funnel cake ASAP - was it in DC?

  3. And congrats on your first 5k!!!! How exciting. You've got this!

  4. Pumpkin funnel cake? Whoa baby!!!!