Sunday, March 17, 2013

Um, oops.

So the past two days haven't gone so well, foodwise.

I haven't been eating balanced meals, I've had alcohol (which I almost NEVER do), and I've eaten far more than I am comfortable with.

Let me backtrack and own up to my bullshit.

I have every other Friday off of work, and so on Friday, I got to sleep in. Yay! My day started off well with coffee and a healthy breakfast burrito at home, but once I got down to Fells Point in Baltimore to celebrate a friend's marriage, it kind of went downhill.

(Yes it's blurry, oh well)

As you can see, I have a lovely pint in my hand. Oh delicious beer, how I love you. I had a cherry wheat ale and a Blue Moon. I only wanted one, I stopped myself after two. I could have easily went on to have a third, but I made my man grab me a bottle of water when he went to get his second beer, which kept me from getting another. And I hit up the snacks that they had at the bar (Cat's Eye Pub in Fells Point), but nothing too bad: a couple cubes of cheese, a couple little slices of pepperoni, two meatballs, a taste of hummus. No biggie.

 But then, oh then.

This happened. Oh, that picture isn't clear enough? Let me be a little more specific.

This is what happens there (though this is not an actual pic from BOP in Fells Point).

Yeah. The boyfriend convinced me to get a ginormous brick oven cheese pizza, and the delicious smell tortured us both the whole hour drive back home. By the time we got home, I was ready to sell my dog for a piece of it. I stopped myself and made myself eat a salad before I dug into the cheesy deliciousness, but it didn't stop me from eating three slices of it.

You know what the worst part was?

It wasn't that great. The crust was good, but I wasn't blown away by it. And yet, I still ate three (BIG) slices of it. And then my mind went "Welp, you might as well try those cookies you successfully resisted all week." So I had half a big peanut butter cookie and half a chocolate chunk cookie, and while they were good, again, I wasn't blown away by them. Not worth it. And I regretted it afterwards. 

Add to that, I didn't exercise at all on Friday. Fail.

So then Saturday! A new day! A new chance!

A new chance, my butt. A new chance to FAIL perhaps.

Okay, maybe I'm being a BIT dramatic.

Saturday in bullet form:
  • slept in entirely too late
  • woke up dehydrated
  • didn't drink enough water
  • had a cup of coffee and stole three bites of the bf's Perdue General Tso's Chicken
  • didn't eat anything else until 6pm when we went here:

Piazza Sorrento in Hershey PA

And then it was all downhill... I was famished since I hadn't eaten much of anything all day. I had:
  • glass of white zinfandel
  • two awesome rolls dipped in olive oil
  • shared an appetizer of fried ravioli in a cream sauce with the bf, which was amazing
  • side salad with house dressing which was really oily and not that great
  • ate half my entree, the Italian Sampler (lasagna, chicken parmesan, fettucini alfredo) which was killer and I wanted to go to town on the alfredo, but took the rest home with me
  • a dessert trifle with coffee

After that, I was totally stuffed and overfull. I love love love trying new restaurants, but I definitely overdid it last night. After that, we went to see American Idiot at the Hershey Theatre because I am a Broadway dork.

The show was great, and we really enjoyed it even if the woman behind me seemed to think that ear-splitting whistles were appropriate after EVERY song.

Yet again, once we got home, I was like "Welp, screw it, already ate poorly today and didn't exercise, HEY I HAVE AN IDEA WHY DON'T I EAT THE REST OF MY ENTREE FROM TONIGHT AND A COOKIE." Apparently, my brain goes kaput after 10pm.

So yeah. All that happened, and this is me owning up to it, afraid to get back on the scale and see what the damage is, and vowing to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise today and drink a ton of water.


  1. Eh, it happens. Keep in mind that this doesn't happen often, so once in a while is no big deal.

    Also, we have been to Piazza Sorrento! Yummy!

  2. I can totally relate. I ate an entire package of those gigantic megastuff oreos even though they were borderline gross. Sugar addiction is totally a thing, and it sucks.